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Repair & Maintenance Solutions

Breakdown and Maintenance Repairs...

  • If you experience major equipment failure, crusher repair or require labour to assist with a maintenance shut down, QMM can provide qualified and experienced personnel with fully equipped service vehicles.

Crusher Reconditioning...

  • Reduce capital costs by reconditioning crushers back to original O.E.M. specifications.

Component Repairs and Reconditioning...

  • Repair damaged components economically or fully recondition, all done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Earthmoving Equipment Repairs...

  • All types of repairs to loader and excavator buckets and pulverisers including hard facing, re-lining and replacement of wear liners.

Contact US

22 Duncan Ct
Ottoway SA 5013

Telephone: (08) 8349 0900
Facsimile:   (08) 08349 0999
Email: sales@qmm.net.au

22 Duncan Ct
Ottoway SA 5013

Telephone: (08) 8349 0900
Facsimile:   (08) 08349 0999
Email: sales@qmm.net.au

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